About Us

WorkPAC is a political action committee for the rest of us. WorkPAC is committed to put pressure on our elected officials to address the issues that important to working people, young people, and people of color. Our current politics and its politicians are focused on those with the money. The influence these rich guys apply to our politics is totally outrageous when compared to how many of them there are. We want OUR influence to be better aligned with OUR numbers not their money. To do this, WorkPAC will work to outline our common interests, educate working people without political spin and demonstrate to elected officials the importance of pursuing policies that benefit their voters not the rich guys.

Our approach will go beyond simple get-out-the-vote activities, direct lobbying, and ad placement. We seek to create a culture of civic participation that cements our involvement through content production that promotes engagement. This content will include popular music, social media, YouTube videos, podcasts, and media personality recruitment centered on the premise of voting as a social norm, engagement as a virtue, and a working understanding of issues a prerequisite of social acceptance.