Lesser of Two Evils

Our goal should be to make our union more perfect, and choosing the lesser of two evils means less evil in the world. Holding on to outlandish conspiracy theories that paint all participants in our system as nefarious, mustache-twisting villains prevents us from having substantive discussions about the actual deficiencies of our electoral process. They also help to absolve us of our own complicity in the problems that plague us.

Our country would be a much different place if poor people, people of color, and young people had higher participation rates in electoral politics. In many municipalities, judges, district attorneys, sheriffs, etc. are elected. How would they respond differently if they knew the communities with whom they have consistently negative encounters were likely to vote and organize against them? How would your city councilman, state rep, or congress person comport themselves on issues of taxation and appropriations if they knew that those who actually have to vote for them were paying attention, and were likely to hold him/her to account when they cast votes in favor of their financial benefactors rather than their constituents?

Hillary Clinton has been a political actor in some form for over 30 years. Unfortunately, the Clintons have also engaged in practices that for some, appear unsavory, but Hillary Clinton’s qualification to be president is unmatched by anyone on the nation stage, and when compared to her opponent, the margin is laughable. Her issues with emails are a cause for some concern, but engaging in false equivalence with her opponent is both silly and counterproductive. Who is really shocked that a politician is soliciting contributions?

Voting is choosing, and not voting has consequences. For those of you who are old enough to remember the first Clinton presidency, compare that time to that of Bush the lesser. It matters who’s president. How many more trillions of dollars would be available for education, infrastructure, and healthcare had Bush 43 not been elected? Do you think Gore would have simultaneously lowered taxes on the rich and waged two wars in the Middle East? Would Alito and Roberts have been appointed to the Supreme Court? Would we have had No Child Left Behind and the botched response to Katrina? This is just a few of the failures that befell us when we chose wrong. The list is pretty long, and should be considered. Again, it matters who’s president.

Please take this choice seriously. Our ancestors did; they thought it was worth dying for. Please treat your franchise with the seriousness it deserves.

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